20902 Platform Number: Gandhinagar Capital-Mumbai Central Vande Bharat Express

20902 Platform Number: Find out the platform number for the Gandhinagar Capital-Mumbai Central Vande Bharat Express from the origin station to the destination station, including all halt stations in between. Also, discover the station names and codes for all the stations it stops at, including the starting and ending stations.

Platform Number: 20902 Vande Bharat Express Train

20902 Vande Bharat TrainStation NameStation CodePlatform Number
Start/Originating Station:Gandhinagar CapitalGNC1
First Halt Station:Ahmedabad JunctionADI5
Second Halt Station:Vadodara JunctionBRC1
Third Halt Station:SuratST2
Fourth Halt Station:VapiVAPI2
Fifth Halt Station:BorivaliBVI6
End/Terminal Station:Mumbai CentralMMCT5

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20902 Vande Bharat Express Platform Number: Gandhinagar Capital To Mumbai Central

The platform number is important for passengers on the Vande Bharat Express as it indicates which platform the train will arrive at or depart from at each station along its route. Train stations can be large and confusing, with multiple platforms. Knowing the platform number in advance helps passengers find their way and catch their train without delay.

20902 Platform Number: Gandhinagar Capital (Platform Number: 1)–Ahmedabad Junction (Platform Number: 5)–Vadodara Junction (Platform Number: 1)–Surat (Platform Number: 2)–Vapi (Platform Number: 2)–Borivali (Platform Number: 6)–Mumbai Central (Platform Number: 5). 20902 Vande Bharat Express Train runs from Gandhinagar Capital to Mumbai Central.

In the digital age where everything is moving online, passengers now have the convenience of checking platform numbers in advance, even before they arrive at the railway station. This information is crucial for travelers, allowing them to plan their journey effectively and avoid last-minute hassles of finding the correct platform for arrival or departure.

Knowing the exact platform number provides passengers with a hassle-free experience throughout their journey, enabling them to stay informed and make better travel decisions. While platform number inquiries can be made at railway station counters or by checking display screens, not all stations offer these facilities.

Therefore, utilizing the online platform feature to know the platform numbers can save passengers valuable time and effort. Overall, the availability of platform number information online streamlines the travel experience, offering passengers greater convenience and peace of mind as they begin their journeys.

Important Note: Please note that platform numbers provided in the data are subject to change without prior notice and should not be considered final. To avoid confusion or delays, passengers are advised to cross-check through the Indian Railways official website (indianrail.gov.in) for the most accurate and reliable information.

Furthermore, it’s essential to understand that platform numbers may change due to unforeseen circumstances such as operational delays or scheduling adjustments. Therefore, passengers should stay updated with real-time information provided by railway authorities through announcements and digital displays at the railway station.

Being aware of potential changes in platform numbers allows passengers to adjust their plans accordingly and minimize inconvenience.

Journey Tip: Arrive at the railway station at least 30 minutes before the departure of the Vande Bharat Express train for a hassle-free journey. The most common and easiest way to find the correct platform number for the Vande Bharat Express train (the platform from which the train will depart or arrive) is by asking railway staff or checking digital display screens at the railway station.

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