Vande Metro: Comprehensive Guide And Comparison with Vande Bharat Express

The Vande Metro, an innovative train service introduced by Indian Railways inspired by the success of the Vande Bharat Express, is poised to revolutionize short-distance intercity travel. Operating on a dedicated network within a 100-kilometer radius, this groundbreaking train aims to redefine regional rail connectivity with an impressive speed of 130 km/h and a high-frequency schedule of 4-5 trips per day.

Manufacturing and Features

Manufactured at ICF Chennai, the self-propelled Vande Metro is tailored for air-conditioned travel, reaching speeds of up to 130 km/h. Each coach can accommodate 100 seated passengers, with an additional capacity for 200 standing passengers. Equipped with modern amenities such as CCTV cameras, LCD displays with a Passenger Information System (PIS), sealed gangways, and lightweight cushioned seats, the Vande Metro promises a contemporary and efficient travel experience.

Benefits and Rollout

Scheduled to roll out in early 2024, the Vande Metro represents a significant milestone in India’s journey toward a modern, efficient, and sustainable rail transportation system. It is expected to boost economic activity, encourage tourism, and foster regional development by providing faster and more efficient travel between neighboring cities. The Vande Metro embodies Indian Railways’ commitment to innovation, technological advancement, and the enhancement of passenger experiences in short-distance travel.

Quick Comparison with Vande Bharat Express

Shorter Distances, Greater Frequency: Vande Metro serves distances up to 300 km with a high frequency of 4 to 5 trips daily. In contrast, Vande Bharat Express is designed for longer journeys up to 800 km, running just once a day.

Compact Design and Speed: Vande Metro boasts 8 coaches, ensuring agility, and maintains a swift speed of 130 km/h. Vande Bharat Express, adaptable with 8 or 16 coaches, operates at a comparatively slower pace.

Seating Capacity and Advanced Tech: Vande Metro provides a personalized experience with unique seating capacity and incorporates advanced technology, establishing new benchmarks in comparison to Vande Bharat Express.

The Need for Change and Local Development

Positioned strategically to replace the existing Mainline Electric Multiple Unit (MEMU) services, the Vande Metro addresses the limitations of speed and frequency associated with MEMU trains. This new train promises passengers a faster, more convenient, and comfortable travel experience, transforming the way people commute over shorter distances. Beyond faster travel, it aims to enhance cities by facilitating easier travel between nearby cities, boosting businesses, attracting tourists, and fostering closer communities.

Inside the Vande Metro: What to Expect

  • Luxury on Tracks: Built in Chennai, the Vande Metro is a luxury car on tracks, reaching speeds of 130 km/h with features like cameras, TV screens, and comfy seats.
  • Commencement Date: Excitingly, the Vande Metro is set to run from early 2024, operating 4-5 times daily for convenient travel.

How Vande Metro is Different

  • Faster and Smaller: Compared to Vande Bharat Express, Vande Metro is faster and smaller, with 8 coaches, ideal for quick trips within 100 km.
  • Cool Features Inside: Boasting features from Vande Bharat Express, Vande Metro adds standing room, accommodating 100 sitting and 200 standing passengers in each coach.


The Vande Metro emerges as a superhero for short-distance travel, promising faster, cooler, and more convenient journeys. As it gears up for its debut, passengers can anticipate the future of local travel with excitement and anticipation.

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