Railway Revolution: Transforming 40,000 Bogies to Vande Bharat Express Standards

In a groundbreaking announcement during Budget 2024, the Finance Minister revealed an ambitious plan that aims to revolutionize the travel experience for millions. Indian Railways is gearing up for a massive upgrade, intending to transform 40,000 regular bogies to meet the esteemed standards set by the Vande Bharat Express.

Transformative Upgrade for Indian Railways: Budget 2024 Allocates Funds for 40,000 Bogies’ Overhaul

This bold initiative is a crucial aspect of the government’s Prime Minister’s Gatishakti scheme, designed to enhance efficiency and modernize railway infrastructure. The plan encompasses the introduction of three new railway corridors, signaling a significant step towards a tech-savvy and comfortable travel experience for passengers.

Finance Minister Announces Groundbreaking Move as Part of Prime Minister’s Gatishakti Scheme

Under this plan, the 40,000 bogies will undergo a comprehensive makeover, incorporating top-notch features recently introduced in Vande Bharat Express trains. This transformation is anticipated to elevate the overall travel experience, making it more modern, efficient, and comfortable for passengers.

Additionally, the initiative aims to address congestion issues by establishing dedicated corridors, facilitating smoother movement of essential commodities such as cement, minerals, and energy. As part of the broader vision, the government is also set to expand metro services and introduce NaMo Bharat services to larger cities.

Vande Bharat Express’ Top 10 Improvements to be Implemented:

  1. Coloured Theme for Driver Desk: Ensuring better visibility and aesthetics in Driving Trailer Coaches.
  2. Emergency Stop Push Button Interchange: Easy access for loco pilot on the driver control panel.
  3. Enhanced Upper Trim Panel: Improved aesthetics and firmness for a pleasing interior.
  4. Single Piece Construction of FRP Panels: Aesthetic enhancement inside coaches with modified panels.
  5. Improved Air Tightness: Better air conditioning with enhanced air tightness and insulation.
  6. Aerosol-Based Fire Detection and Suppression System: Enhanced safety features inside coaches.
  7. Standardized Toilet Panel Colors: Creating a consistent and visually appealing environment.
  8. Pleasant Blue’ Colored Seats: Executive Chair Car featuring new seats for a refreshed look.
  9. Increased Wash Basin Depth: Preventing splashing of water in the lavatories with deeper wash basins.
  10. Enhanced Seat Reclining Angle: Improving seat comfort with increased reclining angles across all classes.

The transformation of these 40,000 bogies is set to redefine the rail travel landscape in India, marking a significant leap towards a more modern, efficient, and passenger-friendly railway system.


In summary, Budget 2024’s ambitious initiative to upgrade 40,000 normal bogies to Vande Bharat Express standards marks a transformative leap for Indian Railways. This comprehensive makeover ensures a more modern and efficient travel experience, aligning seamlessly with the broader vision of the Prime Minister’s Gatishakti scheme. With a tech-savvy facelift to the railway infrastructure, including dedicated corridors and expanded services, the future promises a more seamless and enjoyable journey for millions of commuters nationwide.

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